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The film It was just released a few weeks ago. It succesfully garnered a big amount of viewers for its gripping plot and story. “It” was an adaptation from Stephen King’s novel with the same title. The story began when the kids in small town called Derry, Maine, goes missing while the remaining groups of kids are terrorized by a clown named Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard). The clown itself is actually an evil spirit who has the ability to change form and makes an appearance amongst humans in that town once in every 27 years. Pennywise chases its victims by exploiting their fears and phobias, it could change its form into the victim’s fears and phobias. But he mostly appears in the form of clown so that he can get closer to the victims who are mostly kids. Since we all know that kids love clowns.

It Synopsis

In the town, there is a group of bullied kids who name themselves as Losers’ Club. They want to fight back Pennywise who has been making them feel uneasy since the murder of one of the kids’ relative. They finally find Pennywise’s sewers and pays a revenge. Being cornered, Pennywise promises that he won’t be gone foreve and he will comes back chasing the seven kids who has ruined his the sewers, Pennywise’s safe spot. In the end, Pennywise stays true to his word, he comes back and chase down the seven kids from Losers’ Club when the kids has grown up. Being older than how they were when they first have to face Pennywise, not making things easier. Once again, they have to fight against their fears and phobias that are being exploitized by Pennywise.

This film is not the usual horror film, since it feels so close to our daily life. Everybody has their own fears, we must fight back against it or we let our fears consume us slowly till we die, that’s what this film is trying to tell. Watching the film then becomes one of the experiences that you can not miss. Because you will not get creepeed out by the sensations that you’ve got when you watch typical horror films. “It” feels close to the daily life, it feels real. Stephen King the writer of the novel himself even stated that he was freaked out to death by the film. Bill Skarsgard performance in this film is also very stellar, it could launch his rather small name into a bigger stage. The actor said that the shooting process was very dark but it felt easy. One of the scenes even had to be cut off because of its creepiness.

It has become one of the biggest grossing horror films of all time. The title is well-deserved, since “It” is not merely a story of an evil spirit who terrorizes kids, it also depicts a heart-warming coming of age story. The sentiments felt during the film will creates a different aftermath of watching horror film. Yu definitely can not miss the experience of watching this film.

It Poster

it synopsis
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures / fair use in small size

Movie Details

Andy Muschietti

Roy Lee
Dan Lin
Seth Grahame-Smith
David Katzenberg
Barbara Muschietti

Screenplay by:
Chase Palmer
Cary Fukunaga
Gary Dauberman

Based on It
by Stephen King

Jaeden Lieberher, Bill Skarsgård

Production companies:
New Line Cinema
Ratpac-Dune Entertainment
Vertigo Entertainment
Lin Pictures
KatzSmith Productions

Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date
September 5, 2017 (TCL Chinese Theatre)
September 8, 2017 (United States)

Running time
135 minutes

United States

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  1. This movie is very creepy horror. This evil clown after what is so creepy, has 2 mouths one inside one, with teeth like Huggy Wuggy’s teeth

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