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Pain Hustlers is an American crime drama film that has been available on Netflix since October 20, 2023. The film was directed by David Yates and is based on Evan Hughes’ book of the same name. Written by Wells Tower, “Pain Hustlers” is a captivating spectacle featuring renowned actors such as Chris Evans and Emily Blunt in the lead roles.

Cast List

“Pain Hustlers” not only offers a compelling narrative and a profound moral message but also boasts an extraordinary cast that breathes life into the characters. Here are some of the actors who delivered stunning performances in this film:

  • Chris Evans as Pete Branner: Chris Evans, best known for his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, brings Pete Branner’s character to life with his signature charisma. In this role, Evans showcases a different facet of his acting abilities, portraying a mysterious figure who profoundly impacts Liza’s life. His strong acting skills give the character multifaceted depth.
  • Emily Blunt as Liza Drake: Emily Blunt, a versatile actress with a track record of success in various film genres, convincingly embodies the role of Liza Drake. She portrays a struggling single mother with unwavering determination and profound love for her children. Her practical acting allows the audience to empathize with the emotions that Liza experiences throughout the film.
  • Garcia: While not much information is available about Garcia’s character, his role is a significant contributor to the film’s storyline. His presence in the cast adds an element of mystery to “Pain Hustlers.”
  • Catherine O’Hara: Catherine O’Hara, best known for her comedic roles in shows like “Schitt’s Creek,” brings her unique charm to this film. Her presence adds a layer of humor and a strong personality to the narrative.
  • Jay Duplass: Jay Duplass, who portrays a character vital to the film’s plot, delivers a profound performance and handles the role skillfully. His contribution enhances the dynamics between the main characters.
  • Brian d’Arcy James: Actor Brian d’Arcy James is also a part of the “Pain Hustlers” cast, strengthening the ensemble. The role he plays provides valuable nuance to the story.
  • Chloe Coleman: Chloe Coleman, who portrays the character Phoebe, plays a crucial role in this film. Her performance brings a strong emotional dimension to the story, given Phoebe’s importance in Liza’s life.

This cast list is one of the compelling reasons to watch “Pain Hustlers.” They convincingly portray their characters, breathing life into the story with extraordinary acting skills. The combination of their talents is a key factor contributing to the success of this film in presenting a story filled with fascination and complexity.


Pain Hustlers tells the story of a single mother, Liza (Emily Blunt), who fights hard for the welfare of her daughter, Phoebe (Chloe Coleman), who has a serious illness that can trigger seizures at any time. Liza is willing to work as an exotic dancer to ensure Phoebe gets the care she needs. However, the tips from her job were not enough to cover all the medical costs.

Pete Branner (Chris Evans) appears and offers Liza a job that pays well, reaching one hundred thousand dollars per year. This offer is tempting, but Pete doesn’t know that Liza has the ability to convince someone who is very valuable to his company, Zanna. With this, a dangerous adventure begins, presenting situations that risk the lives of others.

A Mother’s Struggle

Liza is a single mother who is sincere and dedicated to her daughter, Phoebe. However, their life is not easy. Phoebe suffers from a serious illness that can trigger seizures at any time. This disease forces Liza to do everything she can to ensure her daughter gets the care she needs. Liza is willing to work as an exotic dancer, although it is more accurately described as exotic dancing rather than stripping, in order to raise the money needed for Phoebe’s treatment costs. Liza’s life is filled with stress and social stigmatization as an exotic dancer, causing her to face various emotional obstacles. However, her boundless love for Phoebe drives her to keep fighting. In this role, Emily Blunt delivers a stunning performance, showcasing her deep and convincing acting skills.

Pete Branner and a Tempting Offer

In this stressful situation, Pete Branner (Chris Evans) enters Liza’s life. Pete, who appears dashing and mysterious, offers Liza a job with a tempting salary of up to one hundred thousand dollars per year. This offer seemed to be the solution to all the financial problems Liza faced. However, what Pete doesn’t know is that Liza has a unique ability to persuade people, a talent that is invaluable to her company, Zanna.

Pete is a mysterious figure, and Liza quickly realizes that his offer is not just another job. A dangerous adventure begins when Liza becomes entangled in the complex and dark world that Pete faces. This situation leads Liza on a journey that jeopardizes the lives of others, and she must make difficult decisions to protect her daughter.

Emily Blunt’s Performance

One of the main attractions of Pain Hustlers is the presence of Emily Blunt as the main character. Emily Blunt is one of the prominent Hollywood actresses with extraordinary acting skills. She has proven herself in various film genres, from horror to musicals, comedies, action thrillers, and blockbusters. Emily Blunt can bring her characters to life with emotional intensity and stunning complexity. In the role of Liza, she succeeded in convincingly conveying the feelings of love, struggle, and determination of a single mother.

Interesting Story

“Pain Hustlers” is adapted from Evan Hughes’ book and features a screenplay by Wells Tower. The film’s screenplay provides a strong foundation for the story, with a clear cause-and-effect plot and well-defined character motivations. Even Liza’s change in attitude after learning about the side effects of the medication prescribed for her daughter feels convincing, thanks to Emily Blunt’s stunning acting. This scenario effectively illustrates the complex moral and ethical conflicts in the story.

Challenges in Directing

While “Pain Hustlers” boasts a strong storyline, it faces challenges in its direction by David Yates. Despite Yates’ experience and success with several well-known films, including the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series, as well as the Tarzan adaptation, “Pain Hustlers” appears to lack confidence in depicting the characters and atmosphere of the story. The film restrains itself from presenting scenes that the audience might expect in a film of a similar genre. Even though this film is a drama about human greed, David Yates could have been more exploratory in presenting deeper emotional and dramatic aspects.

Moral Message: A Mother’s Struggle

The film “Pain Hustlers” essentially conveys a powerful moral message about a mother’s struggle to protect her child. The story of Liza, a single mother willing to take on a controversial job to provide the medical care her sick daughter needs, reflects a parent’s determination and true love. This message reinforces the idea that a mother’s love knows no boundaries. Liza is willing to endure various difficulties and social stigma for the sake of Phoebe’s happiness and safety. It serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of family and the selfless dedication that a mother can exemplify.

Reflections on Human Greed

In addition to the moral message about a mother’s love, “Pain Hustlers” offers a reflection on human greed. Pete Branner, with his tempting offer, exemplifies how greed can influence a person’s decisions and actions. Alongside Liza’s story of fighting for her family, this film invites the audience to reflect on the deeper values of life beyond material possessions and wealth. In a world often driven by financial ambition, “Pain Hustlers” reminds us not to forget human values such as kindness, compassion, and sacrifice.

Emily Blunt’s Presence as a Film Asset

As a final additional point, it cannot be overstated that Emily Blunt’s presence in “Pain Hustlers” is one of the film’s greatest assets. Her extraordinary ability to breathe life into Liza’s character, with all its emotional nuances, strengthens the entire film narrative. Emily Blunt portrayed the role of Liza so convincingly that she made the audience experience every emotion and struggle her character faced. Emily Blunt’s incredible performance is one of the many reasons why “Pain Hustlers” is worth watching. This film is not only entertaining but also delivers a profound moral message, encourages personal reflection, and showcases the marvel of Emily Blunt’s acting abilities.

Potential Opportunities for More In-Depth Exploration

While “Pain Hustlers” offers an enjoyable viewing experience, there is potential that has not yet been fully explored in the story. A more in-depth exploration of moral conflicts, the difficult decisions the main characters have to make, and the consequences of their actions could have made the film more immersive. There is room to delve more deeply into the complexity of Liza and Pete’s characters and their growth over the course of the story. Furthermore, delving into the emotional aspects more profoundly can add depth to the narrative. Director David Yates has the potential to further explore the emotional sides of the characters, allowing the audience to feel a stronger connection to their struggles.

A Meaningful Alternative to Netflix

In the midst of a stream of entertainment films that often offer light entertainment and non-stop action, “Pain Hustlers” presents a more meaningful alternative on streaming platforms like Netflix. This film is not only entertaining but also provides a reflection on universal themes such as love, struggle, and greed. As viewers, we can find deeper meaning in this story and reflect on the broader values of life. As one of the films that showcases the potential of more substantial independent films, “Pain Hustlers” serves as an example that there is room for works that not only cater to entertainment demands but also deliver a compelling message.

The Charm of Emily Blunt

Finally, the film “Pain Hustlers” not only testifies to Emily Blunt’s extraordinary acting skills but also solidifies her position as one of the leading actresses in the film industry. The role of Liza is further proof of Emily Blunt’s versatile ability to bring complex characters to life. Viewers can easily connect with the characters’ emotions and be taken on an emotional journey with the film. Emily Blunt’s ability to convey the role of Liza with such depth is one of the main factors that makes “Pain Hustlers” worth watching.

With her extraordinary acting presence, Emily Blunt brings the story to life in her unique way and fully involves the audience in Liza’s character’s struggle. While it may not provide tension and frenzy like films by Martin Scorsese or Steven Soderbergh, “Pain Hustlers” is still an enjoyable watch. This film portrays a mother’s struggle with boundless love and presents a complex and compelling storyline. Emily Blunt’s acting abilities, along with an interesting screenplay, make “Pain Hustlers” a film worth watching.

For film fans seeking more substantial content on Netflix, “Pain Hustlers” could be an intriguing alternative. And, of course, the charm of Emily Blunt as one of the main stars cannot be ignored. “Pain Hustlers” is a film that combines brilliant acting with an emotional story.


Liza Drake was a woman who raised her teenage daughter, Phoebe, who suffered from epilepsy. In 2011, she moved out of her sister’s garage and worked as an exotic dancer. Pete Brenner approached Liza to offer her a job.

Liza and Phoebe were evicted due to an argument about money. Liza’s car was repossessed, and she promptly met Pete at Zanna’s pharmaceutical company to accept the job. She knew that the company was struggling to enter the market, and they were seeking investors for an IPO.

Pete rewrote Liza’s resume and included a fake biochemistry degree. He also impressed the company’s founder, Dr. Jack Neel, in an effort to prevent the company from going under. Pete gave Liza five days to persuade the doctor to prescribe their drug, Lonafen.

Liza searched all potential lists for selling the drug within five days, but she didn’t achieve any results. Phoebe had seizures, and it was discovered she had CAVM. Liza returned to Dr. Lydell because she believed her job was done. During her initial sales attempt, she overheard a cancer patient discussing the side effects of a commonly prescribed drug.

Liza suggested prescribing Lonafen as a superior medication. Lydell agreed, and he became a speaker to share his experiences regarding the drug’s effectiveness. The event was not successful, and Lydell nearly resigned. Liza continued the program as planned, and Lydell prescribed Lonafen to all eligible patients after receiving a financial incentive.

Zanna hired more sales representatives and successfully captured 86% of the regional market.

Larkin attempted to expose Liza’s deception regarding her fake educational degree. Failing to do so, Neel promoted Liza to National Sales Director. Pete became COO and fired Larkin. The company relocated to a larger office.

When CEO Eric Paley was caught recording executive meetings, he was dismissed but profited from his shares. With insignificant sales growth, Neel pressured the team to market Lonafen for all types of pain. Liza was instructed to fire her own mother, Jackie, after a romantic involvement.

Phoebe needed expensive brain surgery, and Liza attempted to obtain a loan collateralized by her shares but was denied. Following Lydell’s arrest and the DEA case, Liza sought Neel’s help to finance Phoebe’s surgery. Neel encouraged her to use Phoebe’s situation as inspiration, citing his own experience when his wife was dying of cancer and he came up with the idea for Lonafen.

Liza’s friend’s husband died of a Lonafen overdose. Liza offered her condolences but was rejected and blamed for the death. Liza also decided to become a witness for the US Attorney’s Office in the investigation into Zanna, admitting involvement in Zanna’s speaker program and bribes.

Liza revealed those involved in the program, including Eric Paley, Pete Brenner, and Jack Neel. Providing solid evidence of Neel’s involvement in criminal activities proved difficult because he isolated himself from the company’s day-to-day activities.

Liza, failing to obtain a print of Pete’s jacket, was arrested. Neel offered to take care of Liza’s family while she was in prison. Although Neel was untouchable, Liza managed to obtain evidence from old email exchanges revealing Neel’s affair with his mother.

Lonafen was shown to be essentially the fentanyl that caused the overdose. Lydell, Paley, Brenner, and Neel were incarcerated. Liza offered a sincere apology in court, but she was sentenced to 16 months due to her greed causing loss of human lives. However, she was also commended for her honesty and for not discouraging future whistleblowers.

Following her release from prison, Liza fulfilled a long-held dream by establishing a cosmetics company in partnership with Zanna’s representatives and her mother, Jackie.

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