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Operator Preview – Joe Larson (Martin Starr) and Emily (Mae Whitman) are married couple, they live happily together. Joe has a job as programmer while Emily has two jobs, during the day she works as a front desk lady in a hotel and in the night she works with comedian group in Neo-Futurists.

Joe’s got a project to make software as a healthcare call center which can help people to solve their health problem. His work’s was good but it couldn’t be accepted because the voice sounds like it doesn’t have empathy to costumers and Joe and his team only have one week for finding the suitable voice.

Actually Joe has something with his health condition he can’t stay calm if he’s in trouble and only Emily who can calm him down, that’s why he wants to use Emily’s voice to his software’s system. At first, the team doubt Emily will make it but later they accept Emily after they hear Emily voice through phone.

Emily is busy enough with the two jobs, now she’s start a new job to help Joe and the team to make good software. Day after day Emily changed, because she’s too busy with her jobs and she doesn’t have much time for spending with Joe anymore. That makes Joe feel lonely and he thinks he’s going to lose her that way so he use his software to replace Emily place, because he thinks they are the same.

Joe always said to Emily that the software is just sounds like her, but Emily can’t accept that she is being compared to the software. She thinks Joe’s too obsessed with the software until he forgets about her as human.

When Joe heard about his mother fired her nurse because she is afraid of being injected with medicine, he’s panicked and he’s trying to reach Emily through his phone but Emily doesn’t pick up and turn her phone off. Joe ends up using the software again to calm down his panic. After Emily comes home, they’re going to his mother’s house to check her condition.

The day after that, Emily considering things doesn’t work well between her and Joe so she’s trying talk to Joe about their problem and stuffs. Emily’s also asking Joe’s about the plan of having kids. But Joe seems not listening to what Emily said, he’s busy with his phone texting the software, the fake Emily. That’s makes the real Emily mad.

At the show, Emily tells a story about Joe. Joe feels betrayed because Emily’s broke her promise to never tell story about him. The day after, grand opening of their software, Emily invited as important person, she will introduced to all of the guests. Joe gives the speech as he’s the important person who made the software, in the end of the speech he’s welcoming Emily but not the real Emily. Emily feels herself is not needed anymore, she left that room with a broken heart, she packed her luggage as she got home and left Joe alone.

Joe feels so stressed about everything that just happened, he called the software to talk to Emily several time but the system detected him as abusive caller and blocked his number. Now he can’t hear Emily’s voice again. He tried to borrowed some people phone just to hear Emily’s voice. Then he realized that software can’t help him, it can’t give what he wants, and it’s not as perfect as the real Emily. He realized he’s changed all this time, he came home and delete the secret path of the software.

He talks with his friend, Gregg that he realized he was wrong and then he decided to see Emily on her show. Joe’s cooperating with Emily’s friends and he’s got a chance to play a role on a stage as a guest. On the stage he admits about his mistake, his performance touched Emily’s hearth. Joe realized everything is changing, Emily and him both are changed, he afraid that Emily will leave him someday so he’s replaced her with the software. After the show, Joe talks to Emily. Joe said to Emily that he has destroyed the IVR of the software and he’s apologizing about what happened.

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