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Indignation is a movie with drama genre that released in July 2016. Indignation’s story is taken and adapted from best seller novel that has the same title written by Phillip Roth. The novel was released in 2008 and got positive reviews from lots of book critics including The New York Review of Books. The movie is about a Jew college student who has turmoil feeling regarding religion, sexuality, family, love, and his devotion to his country.

The movie took time setting in 1951. The main character is a young Jewish student named Marcus Messner (played by Logan Lerman). He is a bright student in Robert Treat College, Newark, New Jersey, but he decided to move his study far away from his hometown because he want to stay away from his father. Then he chose to continue his study at Winesburg College, Ohio. His father Max Messner (played by Danny Burstein) is very worried about his son’s future life. That is why he developed a strange obsession to his son. He also lives in fear of the outside world and what may come to his son.

At Winesburg, Marcus is among the minority where most of the students are Christian. He should face several challenges regarding his faith and other people’s faith. Marcus life becomes more interesting when he meets a beautiful girl named Olivia Hutton (played by Sarah Gadon). Olivia Hutton for once had tried to do suicide. His mother Esther Messner (played by Linda Emond) doesn’t approve his relationship with the girl when she knows about Olivia’s past.

Not only his mother who doesn’t like the relationship between Marcus and Olivia, but also the principal of the college Hawes Coudwell (played by Tracy Letts). The pressures from Hawes make Marcus decided to work at the Church that eventually leads him to enlist for Korean War. His enlistment may end his relationship with Olivia, and may bring him to his death.

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