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Bob Castrone is back with his new comedy movie. Flock of Dudes is a comedy movie with a little bit touch of drama that surely can make you laugh and it touches you to see a close friendship shown in the movie. This time, Bob Castrone used the scenario written by Brian Levin and Jason Zumwalt. This movie not only has interesting storylines and smart dialog like you can see at the other Bob Castrone’s movies, it also has several actors who currently gain the popularity in Hollywood as the main characters. The actors like Chris D’Elia, Skylar Astin, and Bryan Greenberg. They brought the fresh air for the movie. Another interesting thing you can get from Flock of Dudes is the comeback of Hillary Duff after her long hiatus of acting.

The movie is about a guy named Adam (played by Chris D’Elia) who have lived for a long time with his three best friends, David (played by Skylar Astin), Barrett (played by Bryan Greenberg), and Howie (played by Brett Gelman). They have been friends for most of their lives. They lived under the same roof and have done anything crazy together such as wrecking their house and running away. The problem is that their age is over thirty, but they still act crazy like they were teenagers.

One day, Adam have realized how wrecked his life is after he saw his friends in his age had steady work and had lived happily with their family. However, at the time he finally realize, his girlfriend Beth is breaking up with him.

With broken heart, he see that his ex-girlfriend already has a new boyfriend who has the same age, but he has a stable life than Adam. It gets worse when Adam find out that his rival is famous. Therefore Adam decides to change his lifestyles. The first step he should take is cutting out his life of his best friends. Will his resolution to change become success?

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