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Tom Brand was a self-made billionaire. He started everything from scratch until now he has his own business empire. Today, he is living his successful life with the tallest building in hemisphere under his name, houses in seven different time zones, and lavish luxurious cruise to travel around the world. But everything has its own price. Even Tom realizes that all his hard work to success costs him a relationship with his family.

Tom is a blessed man with beautiful family of his own. His wife, Lara and her daughter, Laura are staying at home while Kevin is traveling all over the world running his business empire. He knows he has lack of quality time with his loved ones and he knows he must made up for his absence. It’s Rebecca 11th birthday celebration and this little girl has been wondering to have a cat, the animal eventually Tom hates the most. Wanted to make her daughter happy, Tom decided to find a cat for her birthday present. Driving fast as he already late to the birthday party, the GPS leads him to a strange pet shop where the owner recommended him to adopt a cat named Mr. Fuzzypants. Wanted to get to the birthday party as soon as possible, Tom accepted the recommendation.

Driving to his house for Rebecca’s birthday party, an accident happened. It was so severe that Tom lost consciousness. After quite some time, Tom finally regained his conscious only to realize he’s no longer inside his body but instead he’s inside the cat body. Tom the cat tried to make his way back to his home to his family. Inside the cat body, he tried to console Lara and Rebecca while also trying so hard to make them realize that the he is inside the cat.

Nine Live Information

Directed by
Barry Sonnenfeld
Produced by
Lisa Ellzey
Written by
Gwyn Lurie
Matt R. Allen
Caleb Wilson
Daniel Antoniazzi
Ben Shiffrin
Kevin Spacey
Jennifer Garner
Robbie Amell
Cheryl Hines
Mark Consuelos
Malina Weissman
Christopher Walken
Music by
Evgueni Galperine
Sacha Galperine
Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Edited by
Don Zimmerman
David Zimmerman
Production company
Fundamental Films
Distributed by
Release date
31 July 2016 (Los Angeles)
3 August 2016 (France)
5 August 2016 (United States)
Running time
87 minutes
$30 million
Box office
$44.2 million

Nine Lives Poster

Nine Lives Trailer

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