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fifty shades freed plot

The third installment in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, titled “Fifty Shades Freed,” was in the production phase and set to be released before Valentine’s Day 2018. In the previous film, “Fifty Shades Darker,” the love story between billionaire Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele took a new turn, marked by honesty and the absence of punishment. Christian, driven by the fear of losing Ana, agreed to pursue a more conventional, “vanilla” relationship. However, the reappearance of Christian’s former submissive stirred jealousy in Ana, prompting her to run away, feeling unable to meet Christian’s expectations of submission. Despite her deep love for Christian, Ana struggled to embrace the submissive role. In contrast, Christian, who genuinely loved Ana, had no qualms about a vanilla relationship and even proposed to her.

In “Fifty Shades Freed,” the storyline will revolve around Ana and Christian’s unexpected pregnancy, as they grapple with the challenges of impending parenthood. To add to the tension, Ana’s former boss, Jack Hyde, who was fired from SIP in the second film, resurfaces with a vendetta to harm the Grey family. Of course, the film will continue to feature erotic scenes, a hallmark of the series.


The third film in the series concludes the sizzling romance between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele as Christian proposes to Ana, and they embark on their journey into married life. However, being the spouse of a billionaire like Christian presents its own set of challenges, and they must continue to navigate their evolving relationship. Simultaneously, threats emerge from individuals seeking revenge against Ana and Christian, rooted in their dark past.


Following a romantic honeymoon in Europe, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey returned to Seattle. Their return, however, was marked by a disagreement over Ana’s continued use of her maiden name, Steele, at work. Christian expressed his disappointment, leading to a heated argument. Realizing the significance of using his name for Christian, Ana eventually gave in. As a wedding gift, Christian purchased the Seattle Independent Publishing imprint, intending to rename it Gray Publishing.

Christian had to travel to New York for work, leaving Ana feeling stifled and in need of some freedom. During his absence, she decided to sneak out for a drink with her old friend, Kate Kavanagh. Upon Christian’s return, he discovered his former boss, Jack Hyde, unconscious, having been subdued by one of his security guards. A tape found in Hyde’s wallet provided evidence of his kidnapping plan, leading to his arrest. Ana and Christian had a heated argument over her secret meeting with Kate, with Ana accusing Christian of being overly possessive.

To make amends, Christian surprised Ana with plans for a vacation in Aspen, joined by Kate, Elliot, Mia, and Kate’s older brother, Ethan. While in Aspen, Ana grew suspicious when she saw Elliot leaving a jewelry store with his ex-girlfriend, thinking he was cheating on Kate. However, it turned out that Elliot was actually proposing to Kate, who accepted.

Upon returning to work, Ana received distressing news that her father, Ray Steele, had been involved in a car accident and had fallen into a coma. Ana and Christian rushed to Portland to be with him during his recovery. After a few days, Ray regained consciousness and was transferred to Seattle for further recuperation.

On Ana’s birthday weekend, Christian surprised her by arranging a gathering of all her family and friends for dinner. As a heartfelt gift, he gave her a necklace adorned with various ornaments, each symbolizing significant milestones in their relationship, including an ice cream charm that represented their transition to a “vanilla” relationship. Christian also fulfilled Ana’s desire by giving her the Audi R8 car she had previously expressed interest in. However, during a visit to Ray in the hospital, Ana learned some unexpected news – she was pregnant, having missed four contraceptive injection appointments. When she shared this revelation with Christian, he reacted with anger and accused her of intentionally getting pregnant. Their argument escalated, leading to Christian storming out and returning home in a drunken state the next day.

Ana’s distress deepened when she discovered a message from Elena Lincoln on her husband’s phone. Elena was the mother of Christian’s friend and had seduced Christian when he was just fifteen, introducing him to the BDSM lifestyle. Ana and Christian were both seething with anger, each for their own reasons – Ana due to the unplanned pregnancy, and Christian due to his encounter with Elena. Christian insisted that his relationship with Elena had ended long ago and that he had met with his psychiatrist, Dr. Flynn, that night, not Elena.

Christian, under the impression that he was going on a business trip to Portland, sent Ana an email. Meanwhile, Ana was contacted by Jack Hyde, who had kidnapped Mia and demanded a $5 million ransom within two hours. Hyde threatened to harm Mia if Ana reported it to anyone. To avoid her bodyguards, Ana feigned illness and returned home. She armed herself with Leila Williams’ gun and went to the bank to gather the ransom money. While at the bank, Ana’s actions raised suspicion, and the bank manager contacted Christian, thinking Ana was planning to leave him. Ana lied to the bank manager, claiming she was leaving to raise her child alone to prevent Christian from intervening and putting Mia’s life in danger.

Hyde instructed Ana to leave her cellphone behind, but she outsmarted him by leaving the bank manager’s cellphone instead. As Ana exited through the bank’s back door, she was met with a shocking revelation: Hyde’s henchwoman, Elizabeth Morgan, who had aided in Mia’s kidnapping, was waiting in the getaway car.

As Ana handed over the ransom money to Hyde, he launched an attack on her, seeking revenge for the loss of his job. During this tense encounter, Elizabeth, who had aided Hyde in the kidnapping, began to feel guilt for her actions. Despite being injured and on the ground, Ana managed to shoot Hyde in the leg before he lost consciousness. She heard Christian’s voice calling her name as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Three days later, Ana woke up in the hospital, with Christian faithfully by her side. Although he was still upset about Ana’s impulsive actions and not yet ready for fatherhood, he realized the importance of the baby to Ana and they reconciled. The following day, Ana returned home.

Christian’s private investigator discovered that he and Hyde had come from the same foster family background. Christian also made an effort to be more open with Ana, sharing the story of how he met Elena. Elena had helped Christian overcome his traumatic memories about his mother and gain control over his life by introducing him to the world of BDSM.

Soon after, Christian learned that it was Elena’s ex-husband, Eric Lincoln, who had orchestrated Hyde’s prison escape, as he was aware of the scandal involving Elena and Christian. Eric left after injuring Elena, and despite Christian’s request, Elena refused to report him. In response, Christian sought revenge by purchasing Eric’s company and selling it to someone else, which led to the previous incident involving Ana. Christian and Ana also discovered that Elizabeth was being threatened by Hyde and his associates, prompting their intervention in her case.

Two years later, Ana and Christian welcomed their son, Theodore Raymond Gray, affectionately known as Teddy. Ana was also six months pregnant with their second child, a daughter to be named Phoebe. Elliot and Kate had tied the knot and had a two-year-old daughter named Ava. The story concluded with Ana and Christian preparing to celebrate Teddy’s second birthday with their family and friends, marking a new chapter in their lives.


  • Dakota Johnson as Anastasia “Ana” Grey: Dakota Johnson takes on the role of Anastasia “Ana” Grey, the series’ protagonist. Ana is a strong-willed and independent woman who becomes Christian Grey’s wife and the mother of their child, Teddy. Johnson’s portrayal of Ana perfectly captures her character’s evolution from a shy, inexperienced young woman to a confident and loving partner.
  • Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey: Jamie Dornan stars as Christian Grey, the enigmatic billionaire with a penchant for dominance and control. Christian is Ana’s husband and the father of their child, Teddy. Dornan brings depth and complexity to the character, making Christian’s transformation from a troubled man with a dark past into a loving husband and father a central focus of the series.
  • Eric Johnson as Jack Hyde: Eric Johnson takes on the role of Jack Hyde, Ana’s former boss and a stalker who threatens her and Christian’s relationship. Johnson’s performance as the menacing Jack Hyde adds a layer of tension and suspense to the story.
  • Eloise Mumford as Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh: Eloise Mumford plays Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh, Ana’s best friend and Elliot Grey’s fiancée. Kate is a vibrant and supportive character, and Mumford’s portrayal adds a dose of humor and camaraderie to the series.
  • Rita Ora as Mia Grey: Rita Ora steps into the role of Mia Grey, the adoptive daughter of Carrick Grey and Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey. Mia is the younger sister of Christian and Elliot Grey. Ora’s performance brings a youthful and spirited energy to the Grey family dynamic.
  • Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey: Luke Grimes portrays Elliot Grey, the older brother of Christian and Mia Grey, and Kate’s fiancé. Grimes’ interpretation of Elliot adds charm and warmth to the series.
  • Victor Rasuk as José Rodriguez: Victor Rasuk plays José Rodriguez, one of Anastasia’s friends. José’s character provides an outside perspective on Ana’s life, and Rasuk’s performance captures his role as a supportive friend.
  • Max Martini as Jason Taylor: Max Martini takes on the role of Jason Taylor, Christian’s loyal and vigilant bodyguard. Martini’s portrayal highlights the character’s dedication and protective nature.
  • Jennifer Ehle as Carla May Wilks: Jennifer Ehle stars as Carla May Wilks, Anastasia’s mother. Ehle brings a maternal touch to the series, emphasizing the importance of family in Ana’s life.
  • Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln (Unrated Version only): Kim Basinger plays the role of Elena Lincoln, Christian’s former dominant. Basinger’s character adds a layer of complexity to Christian’s past, which is explored more deeply in the unrated version of the films.
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Grace Trevelyan Grey: Marcia Gay Harden portrays Grace Trevelyan Grey, Christian’s adoptive mother. Harden’s performance underscores the loving and nurturing side of the Grey family.
  • Bruce Altman as Jerry Roach: Bruce Altman takes on the role of Jerry Roach, a character who plays a significant part in the plot’s development.
  • Arielle Kebbel as Gia Matteo: Arielle Kebbel portrays Gia Matteo, the architect recommended by Elliot Grey to design Anastasia and Christian’s future home. Kebbel’s character brings an interesting dynamic to the story.
  • Callum Keith Rennie as Ray: Callum Keith Rennie plays Ray, Anastasia’s former stepfather, who adds depth to Ana’s background.
  • Robinne Lee as Ros Bailey: Robinne Lee stars as Ros Bailey, Christian’s second in command. Lee’s character is instrumental in Christian’s business world and contributes to the story’s intrigue.
  • Brant Daugherty as Luke Sawyer: Brant Daugherty takes on the role of Luke Sawyer, Ana’s bodyguard. Daugherty’s character emphasizes the importance of security in Ana’s life.
  • Amy Price-Francis as Liz Morgan: Amy Price-Francis portrays Liz Morgan, Jack’s accomplice, who plays a significant role in the series’ suspenseful plot.
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Boyce Fox: Tyler Hoechlin plays Boyce Fox, a popular author whose books are published by SIP, adding an interesting professional dynamic to the story.
  • Ashleigh LaThrop as Hannah: Ashleigh LaThrop stars as Hannah, Ana’s co-worker and friend, who adds depth to Ana’s social life.
  • Fay Masterson as Gail Jones: Fay Masterson portrays Gail Jones, Christian’s housekeeper, who provides a supportive and familial presence in the Grey household.
  • Hiro Kanagawa as Detective Clark: Hiro Kanagawa takes on the role of Detective Clark, a character essential to the series’ suspense and intrigue.
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